No it is not, but it is always goods to be vigilant and care is required when working in this environment.
*Generally, HIV/AIDS is very prevalent in South Africa so it is your personal responsibility to take care with regards to health and safety, as well as sexual relationships.
Voluntourism is utilizing discretionary time and income to travel out of the sphere of your regular activity to assist others in need.
Challenge yourself in new and different environments to meet new and fascinating people. Increase your knowledge and widen your perspective. Be inspired by seeing new things and meeting new people. Feel the buzz from adventure and doing something you’ve never done before. Disconnect from your regular life and wake up to something new everyday. Create memories that will not only give you a feeling of joy, but the chance to make a difference in someone’s life. Marvel at the natural wonders in hidden corners of South Africa. Learn about different African cultures firsthand and experience different ways of life. Re–charge your batteries doing something refreshing and revitalizing. Broaden your horizons. Build your confidence and embrace change. Learn more about the diverse world in which you live.
Your role in South Africa as a volunteer is to be open minded, to show us who you are and to take in who we are. Approach your volunteering with a humble attitude and a willingness to learn. Your skills and enthusiasm will change lives while you are here. The work will be difficult both emotionally and physically. You will see the extreme inequality that both sides live one. You will have the unique experience that a lot of South African’s don’t get to experience. Immerse yourself in our colourful culture and let our children teach you how to appreciate what you have. We have developed a Code of Conduct based on our experience, it facilitates your stay and makes it a whole lot easier for everybody. Please see Code of Conduct in the About us section.
Tailored volunteer placement.
Local transportation to your projects.
Food: three decent meals a day
Pre–departure briefing & orientation handbook.
Detailed in–country orientation programme.
Placement materials & task guidance.
24/7 emergency support from our professional in–country teams.
Placement administration.
Local mobile phone sim card.
Free Wifi at most projects.
Contribution to the project.
Optional free time excursions.
Working reference and certificate.
South Africa is a 3rd world country and we are currently sitting at 27% of the workable population, unemployed. With the unemployment rate so high, it has a big socio and economic impact which impacts on crime. We would be naïve to say there is no crime, with any 3rd world country, you need to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
The money we get in from volunteers goes to operations: accommodation, food, transport, project material. Marketing: website, brochures, and trade shows. Admin and research: keeping records, reporting and finding new projects. The communities that we serve are extremely under-resourced and cannot afford to pay for your time, knowledge and skills. We provide comprehensive orientation including training materials. We provide safe and comfortable accommodation and transport. 2 decent meals a day for the duration of your placement. Skills evaluation and matching to the project. Quality project management and full on-site coordination. Advisors to help recommend and arrange your free-time adventure. We have a fantastic network dedicated to making the quality of your stay worthwhile and meaningful. It is a affordable and cost effective way to travel. 24 hour emergency contacts.
Be prepared to have your world view stretched and challenged while you are on African soil. As with all traveling, volunteering is a two-way experience – When you give, you receive.

South Africa offers golden beaches, some of the world's best surf, spectacular scenery ranging from mountains to deserts, bio and eco-systems that are found nowhere else in the world, an opportunity to experience African culture first-hand. Coming to Africa is one of the least expensive holiday destinations you'll find.

With its post-apartheid identity still in the process of definition, there is undoubtedly an abundance of energy and a sense of progress about the place. Here, two great oceans meet, warm weather lasts most of the year, and big game can be experienced near the cities. This is where humanity began: our ancestors' traces are still evident in fossilized footprints 80 000 years old, and in the world's oldest rock paintings nestled in the cradle of mankind, about 40 minutes outside of Johannesburg.

Today, South Africa is the powerhouse of Africa, the most advanced, broad-based economy on the continent. With all this technological advancement comes a very real, very urgent need for conservation to ensure our wildlife and resources are protected to remain wild and unspoiled.

Johannesburg is a sprawling city of skyscrapers. You can book into a Hilton or a Hyatt or a Holiday Inn and eat at cosmopolitan restaurants serving anything from sushi to burgers to crocodile steaks.

Joburg is where it all began. In 1889, George Harrison struck gold and started the largest gold rush the world has ever known. The Rand Lords, as they were know had gold bath taps and where know to have rode around the city in carriages drawn by teams of zebra. Steeped in history and architectural delights; Joburg is the greenest city in Africa. The only place in the world that has 2 noble peace prize winners who lived and grew up on the same street ,Vilakazi street, in Soweto, late president Nelson Mandela and Desmond tutu . Both houses can be seen and entered at a small fee . Experience township life and meet the real people, check out the street art, fashion capital, and our famous multi-cultured entertainment.

Walk and hike the wonderful Magaliesberg Mountain range less than a hour out of town. Live on the wild side: Bungee jump, swing, zip, fly or ballooning. Joburg’s weather is the best part. We have an average of 361 sunshine days in a year. In summer time the sun is up just before 6.00 am and at about 4.00 pm there will be the most exciting thunderstorm which will be cleared by 6.00 pm just in time for sun downers.

Put culture in context– the best way to understand the present is to read up on South Africa’s complex past. The Apartheid Museum offers an interesting and profoundly moving insight into how the country’s recent history has shaped the lives of local South Africans. Wander through local markets, eat sizzling street food, dance to local music. Visit cultural festivals for a taste of genuine culture from Zulu and Xhosa to Afrikaans.

Visit a township- Previously no-go areas such as Soweto and Khayelitsha are becoming vibrant cultural draws. Rather than driving through, hidden behind your camera lens, choose a locally guided walking or cycling tour which allows you to meet local residents, sip a cold beer in a ‘shebeen’, purchase locally produced food and crafts and directly support community development initiatives.

Hero Holidays will show you the way and make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.
Volunteering is a holistic approach to tourism. You will learn about our diverse culture and connect with the local community on a personal level and also learn a lot about yourself. Volunteering is an opportunity to truly experience the place behind the scenes. It’s to travel with a positive footprint. It’s the chance to take your knowledge, experiences and energy to people and places that genuinely value your contribution; It is how you can meet new friends from around the world. It’s to be inspired and inspire. It’s the opportunity to grow your world vision and develop your skills.
Are you looking to grow your skill set?
Do you have a burning passion to help children and connect with new cultures?
What is driving you to consider volunteering?
How much time do you have? And what can you achieve in that time?
Do you really want to have a meaningful experience and make a difference?
What skills do you bring to the table?
And what skills would you like to learn?
Find the skills that match your personal needs and interests check out our projects You will be amazed at how much you can learn from our rich and diverse African culture.
Arts and crafts, drama and music, product development and entrepreneurial ideas and mentoring permaculture and gardening identifying plants and vegetation and of course don’t forget about our diverse wildlife, second to none.

We believe that this reciprocal approach to volunteering will enrich your life with adventure a true sense of purpose. It’s a great way to ‘give something back’ and make a difference. Gain leadership skills. Demonstrate your self–confidence and expand your horizons. You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on practical experience.
Receive a reference, evaluation and certificate of participation.
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