Curious City Kids

Curious City Kids is a transformative educational initiative that utilizes the power of creative arts to guide children of all ages toward a brighter future. Based in the heart of downtown Johannesburg, our center provides a haven of learning and growth for vulnerable families facing challenges such as extreme poverty, gang violence, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse.

High level skills as well as creativity, innovation and competition will not only promote growth in our economy but also create inclusive growth which will help reduce poverty and curb the inequality of the city.

Our Programs:

  1. Early Childhood Development (ECD) Day Care:

  • Catering to 3 to 5 year-olds
  • Specialized ECD programs to foster holistic growth
  1. After-School and Saturday Club:

  • Engaging children aged 6 to 17
  • Over 80 children daily
  • Creative activities, homework assistance, and protection from street dangers
  1. Undocumented Children's Full-Time Classes

  • Dedicated classes on weekdays
  • Craft skill workshops on Saturdays
  • Offering academic support and a safe haven
  1. Entrepreneurial skills hub

  • Empowering disadvantaged South Africans to become entrepreneurs
  • Equipping them with essential skills for small business ventures
What's included:
Airport Transfers
3 Meals a day
We cater for vegetarians and certain allergies on request
Accommodation in trendy backpacker hostel
3 day Joburg Orientation - covers everything the volunteers need to know about staying in South Africa (from social skills to transport and safety)
All paperwork, placement and liaising with staff at the Volunteer Program
Appointed Supervisor for duration of program
Donations - contribution to the project
Certificate & Report on individual Volunteer`s Program, should this be required.  
What's not included:
The cost of a visa in the case of your volunteer stay being longer than 90 days
Medical Insurance, which must include work and emergency evacuation. Please make sure you understand how your medical insurance works in South Africa as Hero Holidays will be unable to pay for any doctors accounts or the like in lieu of being refunded by the medical scheme.
Weekend excursions
Local Transport for social activities
Catered meals
Towels and toiletries
Accommodation if you arrive before the start date or stay after the end of the project
Transport to or from accommodation if you arrive before the start date or leave after the end of the project

Minimum Age: 18
Police Clearance: Yes
3 Day Joburg Orientation
Day 1:
Full day walking tour of Joburg (including a choice of museums)
Discover this fascinating immigrant town; get to know the different African cultures, the hospitable and colourful people of this continent.
Their craft and treasures are a delight. Movies, music and the like can be arranged for the evenings.

Day 2:
Community market for breakfast.
Relax in this eclectic and fun precinct, with lots to see and do: art galleries, exhibitions, street art, shops, food and drink - and of course, African music
Watch a perfect sunset from the rooftops of and breathe in the warmth of Jozi.
A Day Safari, balloon ride, hike or walk can be organized. Ask about our wide range of adventure outings

Day 3:
Transfer to Soweto 20km from Joburg (ride, cycle, walk... whatever you fancy)
This tour will open your mind about township living
Try ShisaNyama (barbequed meat), Makwenya (doughnut) or for the very brave, a Smiley (sheepshead)
You will see the good and bad of this amazing town
A trip to the Apartheid Museum can be arranged for you
- Spent at the crèche helping the caregivers and teachers with children ranging from 5 years to 7 years from 8.00 till 13.00, Monday to Friday
- The children get dropped off typically by a single parent so that they can go to work and not worry, knowing their kids will get two meals a day, some education and play activities - satisfied that they are safe in this humble but loving environment
- As the teacher’s assistant your help is needed in various areas; from feeding little ones, facilitating ECD early child development programs through fun and games. Playing sports and entertaining children.

Every day after-school, in the hours when children are most vulnerable to abuse of every kind, we work to break the barriers of challenge. We start early (age 6) in developing the art of imagination and we continue through grade 12 to connect the arts to everything important in a child's life, from core academics to critical life skills. In our classrooms, through our specialized programs and our community art, we engage at-risk youth in educational arts to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit.

The afternoons are spent at the youth study safe center. Duties include preparing materials and helping the teachers and facilitators to create new ideas of learning. Helping with homework.
Creating themes and topics can be real fun, let those creative juices flow. Preparing lunch for the kids and generally doing whatever teacher wants you to do in preparation for the children’s arrival

Empowering young children through education, art and self-development
Meeting people, learning about other cultures, gaining an understanding of the challenges facing the majority of South African youth.

Special Skills needed:
A love for children and culture.
Patience, tolerance and respect towards children
Agility and energy to engage in physical child play
Willingness to work closely with the teacher - remembering that the teacher is in charge and the volunteer is there to assist. The teacher is ultimately responsible for the children in their care

Language requirement: Basic English
Arrivals every Thursday for FREE 3 Day Johannesburg Orientation Project is closed for the Christmas holidays. +- 15 December to 15 January.

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks


2 weeks (17 nights) - ZAR 21200.00
4 weeks (32 nights) - ZAR 34500.00 (USD 1900)
Extra Week - ZAR 11100.00

Single sex dormitory in trendy downtown hostel.
Please contact us for more information.