Hero Holidays is a South African Social Enterprise, we offer once in a lifetime experiences. We offer Holidays for Hero’s. Our projects are nestled in the heart of the country, our city of gold, Johannesburg. Our culture is one of “Ubuntu”, which means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’, this is at the heart of what we do. We offer holidays for hero’s. Come work alongside us in our community projects, while we teach our children of tomorrow and build foundations for their education.

While we work hard, we also play hard. In your downtime, enjoy a safari excursion to see the famous “BIG Five”. Our game reserves will allow you to experience these wild animals in their natural habitat, no fences, no cages, just as it should be. Our wild coastline runs from the Namibian border down to the tip of Africa and back up along the east coast to the Mozambiqan border. 3000 kilometers of coastline to explore.


Babies In The Bush

This unique Early Child Development (ECD) project is situated on a farm in a Big Five Game Reserve, one hour from Johannesburg. The project provides holistic care through their growth and development, for children of all ages.

Skills Development

An entrepreneurial skills hub set in one of the poorest parts of the city. The main focus is to teach skills that will make it possible for people to start a small business from home, enabling them to earn a living and build a future for their children.

Maboneng Arty Kids

We provide education to children through creative art in the Maboneng Precinct in downtown Johannesburg.

Mandela Soweto Kids

You will be helping a community that have limited access to resources, you’ll help by providing an extra pair of hands for teachers/caregivers by being a positive influence on people's lives, thus making an all-important difference.

South Africa is the land of the rainbow nation, not just our culture but also in the diversity.
of activities and scenery. While we work hard, we also play hard. We have several partners
that can offer you amazing experiences in your down time.



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